At RPGECOM we understand each client is unique and requires fully-customized analysis. Based on your requirements, goals and budgets, we’ll build and execute the right strategy for you to grow your Amazon store! We offer you a range of professional services, comprehensive and innovative solutions to help you win the market:

Our services

Amazon Store Set up

Full Account Management (PPC)

Creative Services

Warehouse & Fulfillment Services

General consultation

Full Store Set-Up

Creation of an Amazon account in USA, Europe, AU, Japan or Israel. Registration for an individual or pro account, FBM or FBA  set up and registration for Local Delivery Program in Israel. US, EU or Chinese trademark registration, Amazon Brand Registry registration, full set up of the seller central account, product listing full creation, variations, storefront, coupon/discounts/ promotions set up and a-z store management.

Store Management Service

Complete store management from A to Z. Creation and management of shipment plans, product listing full set up and optimization, product listing copywriting, front store and backend SEO, deep pre-marketing analysis and research, creation and management of the Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns (PPC), brand promotion and expansion, orders management, professional dedicated Amazon store customer service, performance, KPI’s, Amazon analytics, matrixes and progress tracking and more.

General Consultation

Need hyper-focused consulting session on a burning problem you have? Seller central technical support? Professional audit on your product page? Product listing optimization and analysis or just a tiny golden tip? Our warm and experienced staff will be happy to assist you with any problem, question or issue.

Advertising (PPC) Service

Our unique holistic approach to Amazon Sponsored Products and Brands allows us to assist any small or large business. Our methodology is based on years of experience managing campaigns for personal brands, clients and companies. We pride ourselves in our unique method and strategy and confident it can boost any product.

Winning Products

It all begins and ends with a winning product! With the help of professional tools and world leading software, years of experience and deep understanding of Amazon platform and buyer’s behavior, we will research and advise you during your product selection. How about launching your own unique product? Well, we have an over-sea unique product development incubator, located in Shenzhen, China. Product concept, extensive market research and competition, prototype design all the way to the long-awaited production.

Advanced Marketing Services

High-end product images definition based on market & audience research, high-quality graphic design, 3D rendering photos, a-z branding and packaging design, A+ Content & EBC, marketing videos, Amazon VINE and LIVE service and many more…

Logistics and Fulfilment Services

Comprehensive logistics services in China, USA, Europe and Israel. All Warehousing Services (packaging, bundling, sampling, labeling), professional inspection and shipping to Amazon warehouses all over the world. In the new Israeli Local Delivery program, we offer innovative software that links with your seller central account for orders in Israel with an intelligent API based system, fast delivery to the entire country all according to Amazon’s high standards, so as top-of-the-line customer service, warranty and returns handling services.

Listing SEO Service

We offer ranking your products keywords organically and optimizing your conversion rate and increase free valuable traffic from Amazon by deep SEO research, analysis and copywriting of your product listing and backend search terms. Driven by the relevance principle that governs Amazon’s advertising algorithm, we conduct consumer-based marketing copywriting.

Technical & Legal Services

Trade Mark registration for Amazon Brand Registry. Professional legal help with cases, appeals, regulations, product blockages and Amazon account suspensions. Consulting on buying and selling Amazon accounts and businesses.

Store Customer Support Service

Our company will provide a full customer service array to your Amazon store. We will provide you with a skilled English-speaking employee who will provide excellent and uncompromising service to your customers – answering messages and emails through your Amazon selling account in line with Amazon’s TOS, thorough and professional handling of all referrals and problems, tracking and answering product reviews and store feedbacks, handling and monitoring returns and more.

3D Rendering Product Photos

3D rendering is a technology that transforms two-dimensional graphics to three-dimensional and much more realistic (3D). This is a unique and innovative technology that we first introduced to our clients to boost their Amazon product images with higher quality and finish than regular photography. No product photography is needed during this process, as it’s been processed by special, effective and powerful graphic programs that make product images really stand out above all!

Virtual Assistants

We will scout and recruit a skilled virtual assistant according to your business needs from the Philippines or Ukraine. Employees are qualified for a variety of jobs such as customer service, social media management, external traffic and even managing and maintaining Amazon-sponsored advertising.

Our customers love us. You’ll too.

Our customers love us. You’ll too.

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